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Asia’s Linear Infrastructure safeGuarding Nature (ALIGN)
The USAID-funded ALIGN project aims to expand the adoption and implementation of high- quality safeguards to protect biodiversity and livelihoods in response to Asia’s rapid expansion of linear infrastructure, especially roads, railways, and power lines. The goal of the ALIGN Project is to enhance the development and implementation of effective, high-quality linear infrastructure safeguards that protect people and nature from harm. The project will address the development and implementation of effective high-quality safeguards throughout Asia with a particular emphasis on three focal countries— India, Mongolia, and Nepal. The ALIGN project is implemented by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in partnership with the Center for Large Landscape Conservation (CLLC). ALIGN project management is based in the WWF Nepal office in Kathmandu, with three focal-country programs led by WWF India, WWF Mongolia, and WWF Nepal.

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