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WWF-Mongolia, one of the most experienced conservation organizations in Mongolia.


We are committed to the sacred cause of protecting Mongolia's biodiversity, always innovating, and working as a team with our hearts, minds and skills.

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The children say that above all, watering should be done regularly with a properly set scheme and method.
Eco-club members-school children are active in tree planting and watering

Climate change adaptation is one of the key focusing issue for WWF-Mongolia and its partners. Thus, WWF-Mongolia and Administration of Mongol Els ...

06 Jun 2023
It was three-day programme, where the attendees were full of interesting and informative outdoor and indoor activities.
The second year of winter programme for junior rangers

WWF-Mongolia, in collaboration with Administration of Onon-Balj National Park (OBNP), has successfully completed the second year of the Winter ...

19 May 2023
The points were designated based on findings from automatic cameras placed in the NR.
Biotechnical measures for wildlife were taken in participation of locals

Last winter, it snowed a lot and snow cover thickness reached 20-30 cm and wintering was actually harsh either for domestic herds or wildlife ...

16 May 2023

We believe in the power of people. Because of this we have hope for our shared future.

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