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This Strategic  Plan  to  be implemented  during  a  period  from  2017  to  2021  is  all  about  a  contribution  of  WWF  Mongolia  towards  successful  and  thriving  co-existence  of  human  beings  and  environment  in  Mongolia, particularly  in  two  areas,  namely  Altai  Sayan  and  Amur  Heilong  Ecoregions  those  have  been  named as important hubs and potentials for conservation.

The Strategic Plan was developed on the platform that was already set up during WWF presence in  Mongolia over the last 25 years.WWF-Mongolia has selected five cons
ervation targets in the two ecoregions ASER and AHEC: Boreal coniferous forest ecosystem; Freshwater ecosystem; two GPF priority species namely Snow leopard (
Panthera uncia ) and Mongolian Saiga (Saiga tatarica mongolica ); and Migration of ungulates, as an important ecological process.

The selection of the specific conservation targets and the respective long - term goals were developed based on the  recommendations from the independent assessment on last 5 year conservation strategic plan. Both the conservation targets and goals are fully aligned with the WWF Network Global Goals and key Drivers of environmental problems and WWF -Mongolia’s Critical Contributions build the basis for setting the objectives for the next conservation strategy. Read more.. wwf_mn_strategic_plan_full_final_version.docx