Short film on the snow leopard wins a prestigious national award | WWF

Short film on the snow leopard wins a prestigious national award

Posted on 07 July 2015
snow leopard
© WWF Mongolia
WWF-Mongolia in cooperation with Gereg Entertainment studio produced a short film about the human-snow leopard conflict, entitled “The spirit of the mountain”. The film is based on a real story and this is the first of its kind in the history of WWF-Mongolia.
The Mongolians respectfully call the snow leopard as “spotted deelt”, “spotted brother”, “spotted elder” and so on. There is a firm belief that if someone kills the snow leopard in revenge or for greed, a misfortune will happen to this person or the family. Herders have known this from ancient times, and thus taught their children “killing the snow leopards brings a misfortune”. Unfortunately, nowadays some young herders retaliate for losing their livestock by placing traps in the mountains. Consequently, number of snow leopards is trapped and lose their legs. The aim of this film is to influence herders not to put traps and snares. It also conveys the message that snow leopards are traditionally venerated and highly respected.
The shooting of the movie “The spirit of the mountain” is held in the Jargalant Khairkhan mountains and starred by distinguished actor of Mongolia Yo.Tsog and other talented young artists. This film won a grand prize in the nomination of “The best short film” in the recently organized National Academy Awards.
snow leopard
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