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Tuul River Mongolia

The Tuul River headwaters begin in the Lower Khentii mountains of the Khan Khentii mountain range (48030’58.9” N, 108014’08.3” E).

The river flows southwest through the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, after which it eventually joins the Orkhon River in Orkhontuul soum where the Tuul River Basin ends (48056’55.1” N, 104047’53.2” E). The Orkhon River then joins the Selenge River to feed Lake Baikal in the Russian Federation. The catchment area is approximately 50,000 km2, and the river itself is about 720 km long. Ulaanbaatar is approximately 470 km upstream from where the Tuul River meets the Orkhon River.

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Tuul River Mongolia


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