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Those children have camped at the 4 main valleys of Sair Mountain, namely Suhait, Jirat, Harasu, and Tsagaan River on the rotation base.
Herder`s children attended environmental research boot camp at Mountain Sair

30 children participated 10-day intensive environmental summer boot camp in August 2022. The camp took place at the Mountain Sair in Bayan-Ulgii ...

05 Oct 2022
The intensive training was developed by the Mongolian University of Commerce and National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Mongolia.
Head of the local cooperatives have equipped with marketing and product development skills and knowledge

Lack of knowledge related to product development, marketing, and sales is one of the major problems faced by agricultural cooperatives operating in ...

05 Oct 2022
WWF-Mongolia handed over first aid boxes and equipment packages
Wildlife rescue team provided with necessary equipments

End of September 2022, WWF-Mongolia handed over first aid boxes and equipment packages that consist of necessary tools and equipment to help handle ...

04 Oct 2022

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