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Mobile anti-poaching units

With the initiative and financial support of the WWF Mongolia Programme Office, and under the resolution by the Head of the State Specialized Inspection Agency, Irves-1 and Irves-3 Irves-5  Mobile Anti-Poaching Units (MAPU) were established.

These are responsible for the territories of Uvs, Khovd and Gobi-Altai Khentii aimags (provinces) and aim to protect biodiversity, species and flora, and to fight against illegal hunting and the trade of wildlife.

MAPU have been given the full authority of the State Inspectors for action against all illegal activities, including poaching.

Mobile Anti-Poaching Unit objectives:

  1. Reduce and eliminate illegal activities in the region and strengthen environmental inspection and supervision;
  2. Increase participation of local administration and local communities in conservation by  supporting informants/volunteers and providing them with incentives and telecommunication  means;
  3. Survey and analysis of poaching, and assessment of economic returns from wildlife and wildlife products.
Mobile anti-poaching unit IRVES-5


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