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Say NO to Plastic Bags

Posted on 02 December 2006
"Say NO to Plastic Bags", Campaign by WWF Mongolia
© Elbegzaya B., WWF Mongolia
A week-long Plastics Campaign was launched on December 25, 2006 by WWF Mongolia Program Office in Ulaanbaatar city jointly with the Nomin Holding, Mongolia’s largest retailing and wholesale trader.

The purpose of the Campaign is double-fold: tackle waste problem by suggesting the concrete solutions to plastic bags consumption: replacement with Cotton bags for shopping at 2 of 7 supermarkets of Nomin Holding company and attain increased Visibility and Profile for WWF Mongolia.

The campaign will be run for a week from December 25 through December 31 targeting the holiday season shoppers. For conducting this campaign, WWF Mongolia is heavily relying on Volunteer support- support from 24 Students of Student Clubs of Biology and Ecology faculties, the National University.

The WWF Mongolia jointly with the students conducted a minisurvey among randomly selected 60 residents of Ulaanbaatar city for exploring the Willingness to pay and public acceptance for the cotton bag initiative.

The preliminary results and interviews with people demonstrated of the readiness and expectation by people for such an initiative. Consumers in general were happy with the range of price offered at the supermarkets and long-term benefits of the initiative. The bags are promoted with Bonus- Stickers 6 endangered animals that are protected by WWF Mongolia. Some shoppers buy 3 bags for their economic and environmental benefits.

The campaign is also supported with extensive public awareness materials such as broadcasting WWF Mongolia produced documentaries on the shop’s merchandise advertising channels; posters on Waste Lifecycle; Economic and Environmental Benefits of Cotton Bags; Disadvantages of Plastics and Plastic Bags.
"Say NO to Plastic Bags", Campaign by WWF Mongolia
© Elbegzaya B., WWF Mongolia Enlarge